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Company Mission
CAMP Mission
CAMP Mission

Our mission is to conceptualize, design, manufacture and distribute outstanding technical gear for climbers, alpinists, ski mountaineers, mountain runners, mountain enthusiasts and professional workers at height around the world.

Innovation through Research & Development is the keystone of what we do: innovative gear not only keeps us safe, it also increases our chances for success and enjoyment in the mountains. To this end, we infuse the concept of lightweight into every one of our designs. Trimming weight is one thing we can do with any piece of equipment to enhance the climber’s experience. Our ultimate desire is that our lightweight designs inspire climbers to climb to their next level.

Our safety products are designed to be easy-to-use and solutions-oriented. Each and every piece of safety equipment is built with the highest level of attention to detail in order to guarantee that which is paramount of workers at height – to get the job done safely and efficiently. C.A.M.P started in 1889 as a one-man metal shop. We maintain this heritage in the raw world of manufacturing where have passed the value of getting our hands dirty down through four generations of family owners. This is our heritage and it will always be our future.


C.A.M.P. is a leading company in the outdoor gear industry (the acronym stands for Concezione Articoli Montagna Premana) and its history dates back to 1889, its earliest days being in a small workshop in Premana, in the mountains around Lecco, with Nicola Codega working wrought iron. The workshop was then passed on to his son Antonio, manufacturer of the famous ice axes destined to the Alpine Regiment. With its three brands – CAMP, CASSIN AND CAMP SAFETY – C.A.M.P. can now be found in 80 countries around the world and holds branches in France, the United States and Russia. C.A.M.P.’s products epitomise lightness and performance, along the lines of the “light and fast” motto of contemporary alpinism.
With its 125 year-long history of work and passion, faithful to its roots and open to a global contest which allowed it to grow and develop its sport know-how in the work-at-height industry, C.A.M.P. is now led by the fourth generation of the Codega family. For this reason, too, this is a matchless company, true to the authentic mountain culture forged amid tradition and innovation.

Production and Certification
Skillful hands take great care while assembling the Matik

Premana and the Valvarrone, forty km from Lecco and a hundred from Milan, boast an impressively long culture in metal manufacture. This means that C.A.M.P., founded in Premana and inextricably linked with its own origins, bears the same features of the ancient artisan company, where skilled workers know every secret of the trade. This ability stems from the experience of generations and is taught thanks to workshop apprenticeship. This century-long metallurgical tradition is enriched by textile products – such as rucksacks and harnesses – conceived for mountaineering. The outcomes are CAMP Safety products, a point of reference for anyone working at heights.

CAMP Safety Products are conceived, developed and implemented either in Premana or by foreign partners under the constant supervision of our technicians, with our machineries that operate only for us. Production is a key phase for CAMP Safety: we made it industrial, but we are still ready to meet the specific needs of individual clients, just like craftsman companies of yesteryear would have done, following the highest quality standards. This added value is felt and appreciated by all our partners. “We are designers and makers too” for the benefit of customers who have chosen our products which are compliant with the EU norms, ANSI (USA) and with the EAC certification of the Russia-Byelorussia-Kazakhstan-Armenia-Kirghizstan customs union.