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The Safety division
CAMP Safety

Safety is our point of reference, what unites all CAMP and CASSIN products. It is a tangible feature, stemming from knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves in knowing exactly what is needed by people going up high – and then we craft it. Vertical adventures do not simply stand for exploration, however: they symbolise work, as well. This is why CAMP Safety was put in place, broadly enriching our scope as experts in safety.

CAMP Safety thoroughly captures our mission, meeting the demands of those who cannot simply get by at work. Professionals, such as climbers and mountaineers, need to rely on the best possible tools in terms of safety and performance: CAMP Safety offers the unquestionable quality of its know-how, belonging to a company with a unique tradition. Dating back to 1889, led by four generations of the same family, it is a leading brand both on the market, being found in 80 countries, and in terms of innovation.

CAMP Safety is a warranty recognized by the same professionals who can see a common feature in all the products: this denotes passion for a job that is truly well done. Tradition and innovation are combined into one: this equals to the utmost quality of our products and, most importantly, of their final results. We have already discussed what the motivations are: knowledge and experience geared towards the safety of climbers and, now, of people working as well.