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The legacy of CAMP follows the path of innovation in climbing and mountaineering. From the first ice axe with a modular head to the first crampons with a vertical structure. From the legendary Tricam to the first hyperlight carabiner. Throughout its 125 year history, CAMP has remained dedicated to its mission of equipping alpinists and climbers with high performance gear from head to toe thereby enabling climbers to progress to the next level. That next level is visible today in light and fast ascents on huge Himalayan peaks, solo bids on big walls, and incredible onsights of the highest grades.
These accomplishments are made possible by visionaries who have embraced the light & fast mentality and these are the same people who have always embraced CAMP. Our creed is lightweight because lightweight is a universal truth that applies to every adventure at any latitude and any elevation. For every kind of mountain adventure, CAMP is committed to the development of gear that spurs progress, onward and upward, and the incredible satisfaction that comes with it.