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ISPO Gold Award assigned to the new Alp Race harness

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The new Alp Race harness, the lightest in the world at a feathery 68 grams, is the Gold Winner at the 2021 Ispo Award, once again confirming C.A.M.P.’s leadership in the ski mountaineering racing world. After the Skimo Total Race crampon, which won the award in 2018, and the Corsa Race ice axe, a winner in 2020, this is the third time in four years that a race product from our collection obtains this coveted award, assigned by an international jury made up by 27 experts from 10 countries. In the words of the organisers, «The ISPO Awards showcase the best products of the year, offering a sound guidance in terms of innovation, passion and creativity, both for the retailers and the end consumers».

The Alp Race harness epitomises the current threshold as far as the search of lightness in a harness is concerned, crowning a path that C.A.M.P. has been pursuing for several decades. If it seemed astonishing for the XLM model to weigh 130 g back in 2003, we pushed the boundaries even further in 2006, 2009 and 2013, when we managed to drop below 100 g with the XL 95 and Alp 95 models, featuring a supporting edging band, and with the Alp Racing harness, enriched with a special tapered seam, to the advantage of comfort. Could we raise the bar even further? How then?

The new Alp Race model answers all your prayers: this harness is considerably lighter thanks to its innovative monofilament nylon construction. Ultralight and breathable, being combined with UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Polyethylene, it is exceptionally resistant and abrasion-proof. Try and hold it to feel its lightness and wear it to sense how comfortable it is. Then take it off, fold it and stow it away in your jacket – or even trouser – pocket: Alp Race is a masterpiece of essentiality, ready to become the benchmark product for ski mountaineering races. An elastic string featuring a cord lock makes it easy to adjust it, while the stability of the leg loops is guaranteed by another string, similar to the previous one, to achieve a tailor-made wearability.

«We are obsessed with lightness, it is our primary goal and focus when we conceive most of our products – explains Eddy Codega, President of C.A.M.P. - . This is not an end in itself, however: when in the mountains, carrying less weight is equal to less effort and increased speed, enhancing safety and your chances of success. We clearly think about alpinists, but also ski mountaineering athletes, for whom even a few seconds can make a world of difference. The new Alp Race harness, together with the Corsa Race ice axe – the lightest in the world – and several other products, bear witness to the great consideration we feel for these champions. This is the outcome of passion, sensed by the same ski mountaineering athletes and recognised by the ISPO Awards jury, one more time. This makes us really proud».

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