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Energy Harness: EU Rapid Alert System

You might have been contacted about or seen a safety alert related to the CAMP Energy harness, that was published on the official EU webpage.

This alert has been the result of a posting directly to safety alert system by a National Authority who selected the product from a retailer as part of a random inspection according the EU market surveillance procedure.

CAMP was not informed of the alert or the potential issue before the posting was made. Following our analysis where we noted the incorrect assembly of the harness on the testing apparatus in the picture by the lab, it has been confirmed that the testing was not correctly done in accordance with the standard EN 12277 and the alert has been removed.

This means there is no actual cause for concern, the product is in conformance and there is no recall action.

We are sorry for all troubles resulting from this unjustified safety alert.

Just contact us for any questions or doubts that may arise.

Thank you for your cooperation.