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An exclusive, multifunctional tool, conceived to meet the needs of the most demanding rope work and technical rescue specialists, Giant is a true gem in the CAMP Safety family: not only is it a descender, but also a fall arrester, an ascender and a belay device.

No other rope device possesses as many certifications as the Giant (EN 12841 type A, B, C; EN 341/2A; ANSI/ASSE Z359.4; EN 15151-1), which has rapidly become a market benchmark and has been adopted by the CRS Montagne (Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité en Montagne): we are talking about elite squads of the National French Police, specialising in alpine rescue operations.

Equipped with C.A.M.P. products, the CRS Montagne are ready to go into action whenever necessary: on a rock wall, along mountain paths, but also on the cable car that takes to the Pic du Midi. At 2877 m on the Pyrenees, here we can found a famous astronomical observatory, founded in 1873 and dedicated to measuring the magnetic fields of the stars.

Such interventions require constant training and ad-hoc practice, such as the one shown in the attention-grabbing video documenting all the hands-on, extraordinary features of Giant, put to work by the CRS Montagne Pyrénées at the Pic du Midi observatory.

Thanks to Giant, rescue workers can reach the base of the pylon, rappel from the facility with the ill-fated and ascend to the observatory: this shows the immense versatility and functionality of Giant in an outstanding environment, combining natural and human elements. This time, the real star of the show is our extraordinary multifunctional ascender: the one and only Giant.

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