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“Inspecting PPE”: the new CAMP Safety handbook

CAMP Safety mission is clear and precise: we aim for meeting all safety, comfort and performance needs of workers at height - from construction to industry, from tree climbing to rescue. So, in addition to realize the most functional and innovative products, we are committed to training and providing full assistance to our customers, in order to be a 360° partner for them.

It is for this reason that we have published “Inspecting PPE”: a unique, extremely complete 240-page handbook that meets for the first time the relevant demands of users and controllers of Personal Protective Equipment against falls from a height and for work positioning, rope access, technical rescue and mountaineering.

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Realized by CAMP Safety experts, “Inspecting DPI” is available in Italian and English. It is structured in 16 chapters with a comprehensive general introduction, practical instructions and a wide range of photographic documentation for the inspection and evaluation of all PPE categories. Meeting the need to have precise instructions for performing a detailed supervision of the products with the aim of ensuring their safety and functionality, the handbook is an essential working tool.