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C.A.M.P. agent Marino Chemello climbed all 82 Alps 4000ers

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All 4000-meter peaks in the Alps, from Barre des Écrins to Piz Bernina: the last adventure of Patrick Berhault and one of the achievements by Franco Nicolini, who climbed the 82 mountains in only 60 days. But also the great dream of C.A.M.P. agent Marino Chemello, that completed the collection without being a professional alpinist. Marino, who is 44 and come from Bassano del Grappa, Northern Italy, managed to reach this amazing goal thanks to his huge passion.

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Marino got the project in eight years, ending it on 23rd August 2016 on Jungfrau summit in the Bernese Alp. He climbed together with 24 different mates and ascended some peaks more times to complete the collection: overall, he reached 98 4000-meter summits with 126,280 meters of climb. But why did Marino decide to start this adventure? And what are his project now?

«I was moved by my passion for high mountains and by two friends that had climbed 60 4000ers – Marino says –. During the first season I climbed 21 peaks and in the next years I managed to continue regularly, reaching a couple of the most difficult summits for each season. In 2015 I climbed 16 mountains and this year, despite my aching knee, I eventually completed the collection getting the last 6. It was always very nice for me also because I reached some summits with skis and one, Gran Paradiso, with snowboard. On Allalinhorn and Alphubel I had the only bad experience: an avalanche dragged me and my three mates for 50 meters... but that day we was lucky!».

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Marino was very happy when he managed to ascend Dom with ski and especially when he climbed Aiguille Blanche de Peuteréy, Grand Pilier d'Angle, Mont Blanc de Courmayeur and Mont Blanc. «That time we left Bassano del Grappa at 2 a.m. to reach Monzino hut at 12 a.m. and Eccles bivouac at 8 p.m. – he tells –. The next day we reached Col Eccles and after descending on Frêney glacier we climbed Col de Peutérey and Aiguille Blanche. The third day we completed the adventure climbing Grand Pilier d'Angle, Mont Blanc de Courmayeur and Mont Blanc main summit, from which we descended in France to come back in Italy by hitchhiking».

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And now, what are Marino Chemello projects? «I would like to climb again Mattherhorn – he says – and after this I need to take care of my knee... because I want to continue to go on the 4000ers!».