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The new Corsa Race Ice Axe is awarded the ISPO Gold Award

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The new CAMP Corsa Race ice axe, recently previewed at the ISPO fair in Munich, obtained the ISPO Gold Award 2020. This is the most prestigious award in the world for a mountaineering technical tool, assessed by a jury composed of 42 experts from 13 countries, who deemed the Corsa Race the overall winner in the Outdoor category – Mountaineering equipment.

The numbers of ISPO, marking its 50th edition this year, speak for themselves in defining the importance of the event and its awards: 2.850 exhibitors and 80.000 visitors from 120 countries in the world came to Germany for a fair under the banner of “Be responsible. Be active. Be creative”. In this context, as the organisers explain, «the ISPO Award put the spotlight on the best product of the year, offering the retailers and end users exceptional guidance in terms of innovation, passion and creativity».


Crafting the lightest certified ice axe in the world: C.A.M.P. has accepted and won this challenge. Today, weighing in an extraordinary 185 grams, the Corsa Race is a record ice axe. This tool has been especially conceived for ski-mountaineering competitions, and revisits the concept of the famous Corsa, taking it to extremes to give athletes even more edge. The Corsa Race in fact, features a 7075 aluminium shaft bearing an innovative construction, a reduced thickness and through-holes guaranteeing minor weight and enhanced grip. The details, which are immediately significant, are the result of extremely thorough evaluations and numerous lab tests carried out to maintain the tool resistance, thus the compliance to the EN 13089 Type 1 Standard. The jury of the ISPO Award has summed up all this in the motivation to the prize: «The lightest ice axe ever seen, sporting an exclusive design featuring solutions such as the handle with through holes, granting an excellent grip without adding any material».

With the Corsa Race, standing out in view of its aggressive look, C.A.M.P. confirms itself as a technical point of reference for all athletes and ski-mountaineering enthusiasts. Champions such as Robert Antonioli, Matteo Eydallin, Anton Palzer and Giulia Murada swear on these products and, after having won numerous competitions with the mythical Corsa, they will have the ideal addition of the Skimo Total Race crampon, weighing 320 gr per pair. The figures speak for themselves: all the necessary safety in a race for only 495 gr! The trust granted by athletes is reflected in the numerous awards among which – limiting ourselves to those obtained at fairs – the 2006 Outdoor Industry Award for the first version of the Corsa Nanotech ice axe, the 2011 Outdoor Industry Award to the Tour Nanotech Automatic crampon and the combo 2018 ISPO Award and the 2018 Outdoor Industry Award, in addition to the already mentioned Skimo Total Race crampon.


C.A.M.P.’s research in the ski mountaineering domain does not aim at competitions alone: the Premana firm has always guaranteed the best, even to those who prefer living the mountains in winter in a softer or more adventurous way, in addition to enjoying the most popular itineraries. For this reason, the Corsa Race is “only” one of the four sisters in the Corsa family. Entirely updated and expanded with the versions of the Corsa and Corsa Nanotech, with the addition of the Corsa Alpine, as well as the Corsa Race. Here is a line of ice axes for any type of activity wearing skis: from races to traditional hiking, up to climbs with ice and more technical sections.

In the words of Eddy Codega, C.A.M.P.’s president, «to innovate is not an academic exercise; it is a modus operandi which has to lead to tangible results. In the ski mountaineering domain, our company has always aimed at enhancing safety, increasing functionality and, when it comes to competitions, to improved lightness leading to heightened speed. In this field, improvisation won’t work: the results arrive also thanks to experience and the Corsa Race is the last step of a year-long path, representing the state of the art in its tools category. The jury of the ISPO Award positively understood this and wanted to emphasise an accomplishment we are really happy and proud of».