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The new GT harness and SOSPESI project

The new GT harness for rope access is now available on the market. The GT is an innovative product that represents a step forward in comfort for workers at heights. The GT Sit and the GT Chest are designed following the findings of SOSPESI research project on suspension syndrome, that was realized by C.A.M.P. and Milano-Bicocca University.

On the basis of the test of different harnesses, the project highlighted the need of a new harness that assures a better distribution of the weight on wide and padded leg loops and a better support in lumbar and dorsal areas without restricting the physiological excursion of respiratory muscles. More, shoulder straps must avoid compression on the neck where the carotid vessels start. The new GT satisfies all these needs.

The GT Sit features an innovative connection between the waist belt and leg loops, a special variable padding that provides amount of comfort for every part of body, a patented ventral attachment and the new patented STS (Slide-Twist-Slide) automatic buckles with triple safety with no buttons.

The GT Chest – that replaces the Access Chest and can be used in combination with the Access Sit and the Tree Access – is different from other models due its structure and padding that are shaped for optimal ergonomics, especially on the neck.

Note that the fall arrest harnesses Swifty Light and Swifty Vest with new STS buckles are available too.

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