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Not only eminent athletes: C.A.M.P. has always worked with important groups and alpine associations, among which the American Alpine Club, the Colorado Mountain School, the Ragni di Lecco and the Cortina d’Ampezzo Mountain Guides. Along the lines of this trend, we are content and proud to announce our new partnership with the ENSA (École Nationale de Ski et d’Alpinisme) in Chamonix, internationally renowned as one of the earliest and most prestigious mountaineering and ski schools in the world.

Founded in 1945 in a unique setting, at the foot of Mont Blanc, the ENSA initially aimed at both training mountain professionals and setting out new teaching methods of disciplines at altitude. Today, the social and cultural context has profoundly changed, if compared to 70 years ago, with the original mission of the school being diversified in four areas: coaching mountain guides, ski instructors and rescuers; training athletes, research and dissemination and international relations.

The 50 mountain guides and the 350 ski instructors (among whom 50 first-class athletes) graduating from the ENSA each year testify to an extremely active practice, where internationally renowned instructors closely supervise apprentices. More often than not, they are high-profile figures in contemporary mountaineering, who tested the quality and innovation of our products and wanted to adopt them for their daily work. For this reason, C.A.M.P. will almost fully equip the guides-instructors Neil Brodie, Johann Courcelle, Julien Desecures and Zoe Hart; it will supply gear to the other instructors and will be present in Chamonix with a display cabinet.

For its part, not only will the ENSA staff use our gear, but it will also bring the CAMP and CASSIN tools along for exciting adventures and will contribute to the development of our products, closely working with our engineers. This partnership is therefore a close collaboration between two historic, world-renowned enterprises which follow ancient traditions: this mutual support has been made possible by the long-established presence of C.A.M.P. in France – our Sallanches branch opened in 1988 – following an authentic, shared mountain culture.