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Marcin Tomaszewski - Poland

Marcin “Yeti” Tomaszewski (1975) is one of the major representatives of the great Polish mountaineering school. His specialities are highly technical rocky big walls, where his strong determination allowed him to send some of the most impressive climbs in recent years. Chief among them, Superbalance on the Polar Sun Spire (Baffin Island): a masterpiece bearing 37 pitches, difficulties reaching VII, A4 and M7+, opened between 14 April and 7 May 2012 in prohibitive conditions, with temperatures reaching -20°C

Less than a year later, from 31 July until 19 August 2013, Marcin put himself to test on the Great Trango Tower (Karakorum), opening Bushido: 46 lengths with difficulties reaching VII+ and A4. Catharsis (1100 m, M7 and A4) on the Troll Wall (Norway) is then the icing on the cake. It took him 19 days to conquer this monster, reaching the summit on 9 February 2015. Marcin is also involved with promoting climbing and mountaineering through coaching, event organisation (demonstrations and competitions) and he also takes part in radio shows.

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