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Janja Garnbret - Slovenia

Born in Slovenia in 1998, Janja Gambret epitomises the new dimension of climbing, ladies style. She was clearly born to climb, to be the best in competitions and on rock. She made that clear to everyone in 2015, when she obtained exceptional results with a disarming facility: she was unbeatable in the youth competitions, she was always on the podium on the Lead World Cup, at the Melloblocco first, then at the La Sportiva Legends Only, with the grades of F8b onsight, 8c flash and 8c+wired. She attained all this within a few months, and now looks ahead as she’ll surely have other outstanding results under her belt. Keep an eye on our news and you’ll have all the updated results. Janja knows that talent alone is not enough, however: victories are conceived before competitions, working hard and paying attention to every single detail. If the Flash harness beats any lightness record, then it’s Janja’s harness. Where will she perform her best? In competitions or on rock? On both sides, because Janja needs to be part of nature and also to feel the adrenaline pumping, up to the highest position on the podium.

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