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Alessandro Baù - Italy

1935: in action on the Civetta, Riccardo Cassin repeats the Comici route on the northwest face and conquers the south-east edge of the Trieste Tower. Seventy years later, in 2005, a young lad from Padua draws attention: born in 1981, Alessandro Baù had been struck by the “Civetta which enthrals” and sends the first repetition of Viva Mexico Cabrones. This is, however, just the beginning: Nuvole barocche, Eliana and Terapia d'urto al Guanaco are sent in 2007 and in 2008, still on the mythical northwest face. He then accomplishes Chimera Verticale, a very tasking new route. This fable carries on with several solo and winter route, up to 2012, when Baù and his companions accomplish Colonne d’Ercole: this is a masterpiece of difficulty and style on the big pillar on the Punta Tissi. Civetta is indeed the heart of alpinism for Alessandro, who wrote chapters in his personal story on this pivotal mountain, but other peaks awarded him extraordinary experiences: vertical adventures from Mont Blanc to Scotland, the Yosemite Valley to Mexico via Patagonia and New Zealand.

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