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Martin Riegler - Italia

Born in 1980, Martin Riegler is an outstanding allrounder. A mountaineer as well as an architect, he believes the mountains feed his love for life, which started with outings when he was a child and carries on with exceptional ascents in the Dolomites and well beyond. His story, which should be read alongside the one of his brother Florian, can be found in Silvia Fabbi’s book, Fratelli di cordata (“Two brothers tied by a rope”). We find many anecdotes, for instance the fact that the two brothers dressed up as Reinhold Messner and Hans Kammerlander at Carnival! Martin loves free climbing on rock, and sent superb routes such as Italia ’61 (8a) on the Piz de Ciavazes, Zwergenkönig (7c) on the Roda di Vael, Zurück in die Zukunft (8a+) on the Sass de Putia, Vint ani do (8a+) on the Mésules da las Biesces, Karies (7c) on the Sassolungo Tooth, and Zauberlehrling (7c+) on the Cima Scotoni. Mountaineering epitomises the search for emotions in Martin’s world, the pursuit of unforgettable experiences, spanning from the Dolomites to the entire alpine range, as far as Canada and the Karakorum. All this is achieved thanks to top-notch training and preparation, which corresponds to 8c (worked on), 8a onsight and 8a+ boulder.

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