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Martin Žumer - Slovenia

He was four years old when he reached the top of Triglav, the giant of the Julian Alps. Then, as a young boy, he climbed Triglav again, this time along its legendary north face. He was crowned best young Slovenian alpinist in 2013, after countless climbs. His name is Martin Žumer, he was born in 1990 and epitomises present and future of one of the most illustrious mountaineering schools in the world. Among his feats, we count expeditions in Pakistan and Tibet, where he accomplished a new 900-m long route on the east ridge of Kang Ri (6200 m.). “I live at the foot of the Julian Alps, where I can practice every discipline, from rock climbing to big ice and mixed routes… I feel really lucky”, he explains. “I’ve had the chance to broaden my horizon taking part in several expeditions, but peaks and mountains close to home, in a very small area, do offer me everything. I believe mountaineering is a matter of style and ethics: we should respect the mountains and nature, and clearly our rope partners, as well.”

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