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Rossano Libera - Italy

Rossano Libera is a visionary. He believes that mountaineering is a way of life: you have to abandon your certainties to go beyond, where nobody has ever been. This way, Rossano’s search, who was born in 1969, becomes fully personal and akin to an upstream path, searching for yet ever new ways into the granite heart of the Rhaetian Alps. If you mention Arnasca and Revelaso – two hamlets in the middle of nowhere in the Masino-Bregaglia massif, few people will understand what you mean, but Rossano does not mind: his peaks are there, such as the Sphinx and the Punta Redescala, where he spent countless adventures, in the summer and winter, solo and with others, with the talent and determination which equal his discretion. The winter solo Cassin route on the Piz Badile, a first of this kind, made his briefly famous, but it did not last long: once he reached the top of what had become an obsession, he went back to his private life, leaving astonishing ascents to others, and going back to his secretive realm of dreams which C.A.M.P. highly values.

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