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Claudia Ghisolfi - Italy

Are champions born this way, or do they become as such? Where does talent stem from? Looking at Claudia Ghisolfi - born in 1996 and sister of Stefano, the 9b phenomenon – one would say that genes do play a part. Claudia, always friendly and smiling, is becoming stronger and stronger both on rock and in competitions. She practiced many sports, from ice hockey to gymnastics floor, but she blossomed in climbing: she discovered it at 8 and never let it go. From that day on, from that “let’s give it a go” without thinking too much about it, she became one of the strongest Italian climbers, being able to obtain exceptional results at an international level, too. Where does the magic of climbing lie, for Claudia, what makes this discipline special? It is a unique challenge, where a neck and neck confrontation is not between two people, but between one person and the force of gravity.

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