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Yann Borgnet - France

Born in 1991, Yann Borgnet finds that mountaineering is a game. Yann has fun while on a face: no rhetoric but pure joy, climbing up and going down with a paraglide. Among his enchainments, The Bonatti Trilogy on Mont Blanc plays a big part (Grandes Jorasses, Grand Capucin, Pilier Rouge du Brouillard) and the Trilogie du Glacier Noir on the Écrins (Pelvoux, Pic Sans Nom, Ailefroide). His Alpine Line Project was his most famous one, however: crossing the Alps from west to east without using any motor vehicle and accomplishing several ascents. “I was 14 and I was in Chamonix when I first saw a film on the Berhault crossings”, he explains. “I then told myself I would repeat the Gousseault-Desmaison route on the Grandes Jorasses and make a trip just like Patrick had done.” After the Alpine Line Project was over, Yann found not better way to go back home than pedalling on his bike along hundreds of kilometres, going up the mythical Cassin routes he found along the way. He is a tireless alpinist, with an overwhelming, contagious enthusiasm.

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