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Simone Moro - Italy

Polish climbers used to hold the court, then Simone Moro took centre stage. We are talking about winter ascents on 8,000 m-peaks. This speciality may have never become so trendy, had Simone Moro not been around. Climbing those giants in winter nears madness, and Simone is well aware of this. He carried out winter ascents of Shisha Pangma (2005), Makalu (2009), Gasherbrum II (2011) and Nanga Parbat (2016). Born in Bergamo in 1967, he climbed more than 30 sport routes between 8a and 8b+ before moving on to the Himalayas in 1992, immediately attempting Everest. He’s been up there, at 8848 m above sea level, four times, and is obsessed with the idea of an Everest-Lhotse crossing, which he never completed. This is of little importance, in any case: his strength lies in his capability of getting back on his feet, as he did after the Annapurna tragedy in 1997. A CAMP athlete for the past 25 years, we could indeed write long essays about him, although it may be more sensible to let him speak: “I took up every single aspect of mountaineering, talking about it and having great success in doing so. Why is that? Perhaps because I tell interesting, captivating stories, the various stages of my life led in complete freedom.

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