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Paige Claassen - USA

Paige Claassen stands for the art of climbing: technique, strength and the determination needed to send routes such as Art Attack (8c) on the Sasso Remenno, in the Alps. At first sight, this route looks simply impossible, and yet Paige managed to conquer this seemingly unbeatable granite slab. It is a 40-m long vertical mirror, with a crescendo of difficulties and the crux just below the chain. Paige was born in 1990 and firmly believes that ‘girls can do better and aim at reaching the same level as men. It is necessary to find the right lines, but girls still have something to say.” The facts speak for themselves: in addition to Art Attack, she climbed routes such as Grand Ole Opry (8c+) at the Monastery (Colorado) and Just do it (8c+) at Smith Rock (Oregon).

“I enjoy putting myself to the test”, she explains. “I love finding routes which look simply undoable and then realising that a solution does indeed exist and is within my reach. On sight climbing is an exceptional challenge, but what really brings the best out of me are the projects, dreams I have nurtured for long and without which I simply cannot do.”

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