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Maja Vidmar - Slovenia

Maja’s exceptionally long list of competition results may be enough to introduce this athlete, born at Kranj in Slovenia in 1985. Maja is one of the strongest climbers around: she won the Lead World Cup in 2007, she reached second place twice (2005 and 2008) and came third twice (2009 and 2011). She spent years rejoicing in competitions, but her future lies in tackling outdoor rock. She has braved the world’s toughest crags, scoring an 8c+, after working on it (Attila Lunga at the Baratro in Trieste, Italy), and she onsighted lines up to 8b+ (Humildes pa casa in Oliana, Spain); she has also engaged herself with big walls, such as the Comici route on the north face of the Cima Grande di Lavaredo, in the Dolomites. “My projects run after each other in my head”, she reveals. “I will keep on climbing, of course. Beyond competitions, there are many routes I would like to climb. I know I will reach all my goals.” Would you like to know more about Maja Vidmar? Then look for No numbers, the entertaining film which talks about this exceptional climber, seen through the eyes of her dog!

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