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Yoann Joly - France

Yoann Joly was born in Annecy, in the Haute Savoye, on 4 March 1993. If you ask him about his cv, he’ll tell you that it is made of marvellous fragments spent in the mountains, along the lines of his reserved and calm character. If you insist a little, he may well mention the seventeen days he spent traversing from the Ecrins to Mont Blanc and his four-day enchainment “Sur le fil de la Vanoise”. Or maybe the routes he opened from Argentera to Mont Blanc with his master Patrick Gabarrou and the incredible, most probably unrepeatable adventure, the Alpine Line Project: the full crossing of the Alps from west to east, without using motor vehicles and making many ascents, which took place between February and July 2015, together with Yann Borgnet. To round this off, we have to say that, once the Alpine Line Project was finished, while the relentless Yann was cycling back to Chamonix, repeating the famous Riccardo Cassin routes on the way, Joli went to Finland to carry on with his other big passion, wood work.

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