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Mauro Calibani - Italy

Born in 1974, Mauro Calibani is an entrepreneur. He is a climber who managed to turn his passion into a job, creating the E9 clothing line, liked by climbers all over the world. In 2001, Mauro wrote some chapters in bouldering history when he won the World Championship and reached the second place in the World Cup final. And the list goes on: in 2002 and 2003 he obtained two consecutive results as the Rock Master, in the boulder competition. His “graduation into extreme difficulty”, as he likes to call it, took place in 2004 and corresponds to the first ascent of Tonino 78 in Meschia, in the Marche region: this is an 8c boulder a stone’s throw from his home, which took him one year to complete. Mauro believes bouldering is the foundation of climbing, the starting point from which all else can stem from. If you start talking about Gran Sasso, however – the giant in the Apennines, not an isolated big rock in some fairy tale wood – you’ll soon understand how wide the vertical horizons of the mythical Calibba can be.

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