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Cristian Brenna - Italy

From climbing competitions to mountaineering in the most remote places: Cristian Brenna, born in 1970, successfully transferred his great skills between these two. He is the first Italian athlete who managed to win in the World Cup and then, ten years after obtaining that stunning result, he became a mountain guide in 2008. Celebrations came in the manner of the first ascent of La Ruta de l'Hermano (950 m, 6b+ e A3) on the northwest face of Cerro Piergiorgio (Patagonia). This should come as no surprise, however, since in 2005, within a month, Cristian went from a 9a ascent (Underground in Massone, Arco), to the Karakorum peaks, where he outlined and then freed Up and Down (800 m, 7c) on the Chogolisa Shield. Among his exceptional feats, we should mention several onsight 8b and an 8b+ (Mortal Kombat in Castillon), a good selection of worked on 8c and 8c+, a second (1998) and third place (1996 and 2000) in the final rank of the Lead World Cup, and a second place (1997) at the Arco Rock Master. To cut a long story short: Cristian Brenna is a climbing legend, and the flame of his passion is burning as strong as ever.

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