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Samar 2017 expedition: C.A.M.P. designer and speleologist Matteo Rivadossi explored huge caves in the Philippines

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An incredible link between two caves that are now a single 32 kilometers underground system. This is the great goal that Italian-Slovenian “Samar 2017” expedition recently achieved in the Philippines also thanks to C.A.M.P. designer and speleologist Matteo Rivadossi.

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The team placed base camp in Barruz village, from where speleologists reached Male-Ho and Sulpan caves that were connected to each other. While Slovenian cave diver Simon Burja continued his exploration, other members of expedition searched - and found - new corridors and passages to increase the length of the cave system.


«We worked a lot reaching incredible results», Matteo Rivadossi says. «Thanks to our efforts in 2017 and past years, Male-Ho and Sulpan are finally connected: now, this system is the longest cave in the Philippines and we are proud and happy for this».

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Italian-Slovenian expedition visited also the Trafor One – a wide 2 kilometers natural tunnel close to Matuguianao that locals use to move from one village to another – and completed the first diving exploration of huge Kalidungan water source in Calbiga area: «Simon Burja was really great to reach the collector, discovering “The Doors of Chaos”», Rivadossi explains.

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As always, everything was possible only thanks to the locals – they were very hospitable and unique in moving in the forest – and to the friendly Filipino speleologists: their help was fundamental for the expedition that was a great, unforgettable human adventure.

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