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Marcin Tomaszewski explored mysterious west coast of Greenland and climbed new routes

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Between 28 June and 6 August 2017 the Polish expedition leaded by CAMP ambassador Marcin Tomaszewski pursued its climbing goals on the west coast of Greenland. Tomaszewski, Wojtek Malawski, Konrad Ociepka and the cameraman Mateusz Solecki accomplished the mission by finding two uncharted climbing areas and establishing two new major routes on their walls.

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After reaching the Uummannaq region, the team had to give up its original goal – the huge Horn of Upernavik wall – due large amounts of snow and lack of a good line for sport climbing. No problem: they moved to the Agpad Island, identified the Old Man range and decided to climb in big wall style one of its seven rock towers. After transporting the gear to the foot of the wall and fixing the ropes on the lower pitches, Polish alpinists were forced to change their plan as it turned out that the rock is too poor and unstable for establishing a route along previously chosen formations. They decided to establish a new route in alpine style along the easiest and most logical line, bypassing the roofs. So, on 7 July, they completed Rollingstones: a 850 meters route with difficulty up to 6c+ on the previously unexplored Europa Wall.

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In the next days Marcin & C. spotted two magnificent ranges of cliff faces reaching the height of 700-800 meters each. The area seemed genuinely unspoiled and perfect for climbing exploration. Both massifs were located close to the islands of Akuliaruseq and Kangeq to the south of Upernavik. Having found a convenient anchorage, the team started getting ready to explore the terrain and on 14-16 and 22-28 July they established Nightwatch (700 m, 7c+): the first climb in the virgin area on the Akuliaruseq Island. The region with the two discovered ranges was called Bergland after the name of the vessel and its captain Artur Bergier without whom the expedition would have never come true.

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